Thank you for becoming a Corporate Sponsor!

Thank you for pledging your support for South Dakota Ballet. We cannot wait to further the development of the arts and culture scene of South Dakota.


Your investment is much larger than the contribution you make today.  Every $1.00 invested in the arts in the state of South Dakota returns $22.27 to our economy! Therefore, a $500 contribution to an arts organization is more like a $11,135 contribution and a $1,000 is more like a $22,270 contribution!


South Dakota Ballet will also contribute in attracting a diverse and vivacious work force.  Arts and entertainment opportunities directly enhance the appeal for those looking to remain in or move to South Dakota. 


We expect to see travelers from surrounding states attend our shows. Did you know that 68% of all tourism in the United States is driven by art?

Your support today means so much more for our state tomorrow.  Thank you for becoming a South Dakota Ballet Corporate Sponsor. 

Please complete your sponsorship payment on our secure, digital payment platform.  We will collect your playbill advertisement 8-weeks prior to our Inaugural Gala performance. 

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