Individual Giving

Be The First...

  • to pledge your support for South Dakota's 1st professional ballet company, carving your name in South Dakota history.

  • to provide South Dakota communities with world class performances starting in fall 2020.

  • to gift children across the state of South Dakota with once in a lifetime opportunities to participate in free dance classes taught by professional dancers through our educational outreach program, South Dakota Ballet BEYOND.

  • to make South Dakota Ballet's inaugural season a raving success.

South Dakota Ballet is a nonprofit organization & we rely on individual contributions, corporate support, grant funding and foundational support to carry out our mission in South Dakota.  Please pledge your support so that South Dakota Ballet can inspire, empower, connect and education communities across our state.

South Dakota Ballet
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SOUTH DAKOTA BALLET CO. is a nonprofit organization recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3)