rural & underprivileged communities through educational experiences in world class opportunities in dance.

-INSPIRES South Dakota 

communities with the opportunity to experience world class art like never before.

-EDUCATES children, state-wide using dance as a platform to communicate skills necessary to become successful as they inherit our future. 

-CONNECTS communities in ways they might have never imagined. 

-BENEFITS the South Dakota economy by building tourism, providing employment opportunities, and retaining our young population.

-HEALS children who have suffered abuse so that they can reclaim their confidence and heal through dance.

Your Pledge...

-PROVIDES healthy activity to promote overall well-being for children.

-ENCOURAGES South Dakota up-and-coming artists to pursue their dreams in their home state.

-UPLIFTS the caliber of art available to South Dakota communities. 

-CATALYZES a movement of innovation and creativity among South Dakota communities.

-CHANGES the way the world views arts and culture in South Dakota.

-ENHANCES the quality of life for current and future residents of South Dakota.

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