Thank you for coming to South Dakota Ballet's Virtual Fundraiser! We are thrilled to announce that every dollar we raise (up to $2,500!) will be MATCHED by Miles & Lisa Beacom!

Please help us make the most of this opportunity by completing any of the following:


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The postponement of our Inaugural Gala scheduled for Friday, June 12, 2020 has set us back on our journey to providing our inspiring services to communities across South Dakota.  South Dakota Ballet experienced an estimated loss totaling over $170,000 including the loss of ticket sale revenue and masterclass revenue in conjunction with the losses suffered from the preparation expenses.  Many of these losses will not be easily regained.  However, we are determined to get some momentum back so we can continue with our outreach programming and other upcoming opportunities.

All donors will be recognized in our 2020/2021 season playbills as well as on our website.  If you wish to become a corporate sponsor, please email us ( and we will send you a list of our sponsorship opportunities and their tiers. 

Donate $10 to be entered in a raffle to win Misty Copeland's signed pointe shoes displayed in a beauty high-quality shadow box. Multiple entries are permitted.  The winner will be drawn at the 2021 Gala performance!  

Misty Copeland is the first African American ballerina at American Ballet Theatre to be promoted to principal ballerina.  Misty is committed to philanthropy and dedicates her spare time to mentoring children.  She was appointed to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition in 2014 by President Barak Obama. 

You may recognize her from various ads such as Under Armor, Stuart Weitzman, COACH, American Express and more.  Misty is also a New York Times Best Selling Author for her memoir "Life in Motion".

Tutus are everything that is beauty and grace but they will knock you flat when you hear how much they cost! Tutus are made by hand to fit the ballerina perfectly so that she looks pristine when she takes the stage.


Professional platter tutus range in price from $600-$2,000!  The good news is you can rent one for $100. Your donation brings us closer to funding spectacular handmade costumes so that our wardrobe always matches the caliber of our world-class dancers.  

Learn more by watching this behind the scenes video with the wardrobe department at the Royal Ballet! They describe how intricate the process is of designing a tutu and creating the balance between the perfect image and the perfect fit!

Our 2021 gala pointe shoe fund has been sponsored by Dr. David & Jennifer Ring.

Pointe shoes are the most important aspect of a ballerina's wardrobe.  There are hundreds of types of different pointe shoes yet there is only one special type that works for each unique professional dancer.  The dancer must have the perfect fit to look, feel, and perform at their best.  Each pair of pointe shoes is made by hand and generally costs about $100 dollars per pair.  A professional dancer will go through at least one pair per week and several pairs on a performance weekend.  Your contribution will keep us on our toes as we get closer to filling stages and audiences once again.

How its made!

Learn more by watching this video that provides a sneak peak into the incredible process of crafting pointe shoes by hand

At the onset of COVID-19, we moved swiftly to provide opportunity amidst the crisis.  We quickly organized an incredible opportunity using the professional connections of our artistic director, Madeleine Scott.

While facing COVID-19, many prestigious dance academies have had to shut down.  Our local talent has experienced a massive reduction in opportunity to study from elite level instructors; especially with the cancellation of our Inaugural Gala and Masterclass Series at which our world-class dancers would teach our local talent.

We wish to provide another virtual workshop late this summer taught by the best in the industry.  We hope to teach several community dance classes online via zoom as well!

Help us recover operation costs lost during the start of 2020 as we prepared for the Inaugural Gala and Masterclass Series. 


In preparation for the Inaugural Gala & Masterclass Series we found an excellent online registration portal used by companies across the country.  At the postponement of our gala, we refunded each dancer their tuition as we were worried for the financial safety of each family. 


In turn, we lost all of the revenue from the masterclass series and an additional $430 in fees associated with registration software.   A contribution of $75 will help us make major steps towards financial recovery.  Please consider donating so when the time comes, we can afford  a similar set up once again. 

South Dakota Ballet has an educational outreach program called South Dakota Ballet BEYOND (BEYOND the city..BEYOND...the stage. BEYOND... our limits!)  This program is incredibly important to us and it is imperative that we constantly raise funding for this.  A $100 contribution funds 4 classes!

Before the pandemic, we inspired over 300 children in Southeast South Dakota through our free, accessible outreach programming.  We were invited to perform and share our passion with 4 elementary schools but these engagements were cancelled due to the pandemic.  We wish to bring educational opportunities to more underexposed and underserved communities across our state as activities begin to open up.  Please help us make this possible.  

Jane King (Dancer of "The Lion King" North American Tour) teaching during our first virtual workshop which also featured teachers from American Ballet Theatre, Miami City Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and more!  This program was free to participants and connected them with some of the best artists in the industry!  We had over 250 participants total!

As mentioned at the top of this page, we lost massive amounts of revenue due to the cancellation of our Inaugural Gala & Masterclass series both of which would have earned us around $170,000.  We minimized our losses by moving quickly when COVID-19 swept across the world but it does not mean we did not take a hit when it comes to fees associated with the preparation for this event, not to mention the time investment. 

Our latest outreach program is currently in development! We have designed a program to assist children and young adults cope with the psychological impact of COVID-19 through classical ballet! The classical ballet movement vocabulary is conducive of a consistent routine in times of uncertainty. This program is under revision by mental healthcare professionals in preparation for its launch! We look forward to healing the children of our state one pirouette at a time.

Executive/artistic director Madeleine Scott teaching elementary boys 5th position of the feet.

If you do not feel compelled to contribute any of the amounts listed above, please donate an amount of your choice! Each dollar will be generously matched by Miles & Lisa Beacom! Please help us make the most of this opportunity. 

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This comfortable black racer back tank top is made from extra soft material.
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