BEYOND...the city.       BEYOND...the stage.    BEYOND...our limits!


South Dakota Ballet BEYOND is our way of giving back to the communities dear to our hearts.
Launched in February 2019, we have had a positive impact on over 300 children. Our
programming is designed for all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds.  
In Schools:
South Dakota Ballet BEYOND is available to come to a school in your community! We enjoy
educating and entertaining your students by bringing world class dance right to their school! 
When S.D.B. attends a school, we always start off with an assembly!  There is not a limit as to
how many students can attend your assembly. The more the merrier!
At a school assembly, we will get your kids energized then teach your students the secret language of ballet. We will also inspire them by performing an excerpt from a famous piece of choreography in elaborate costumes all made by hand! We will empower them by encouraging them to try new movement! We like to engage each student in an uplifting and energetic way. 


+400 Children

"I was tucking my kindergartner into bed tonight following your assembly.  Her face lit up as she told me about the 'real ballerina' she saw at school today! Thank you so much for everything."


In addition to assemblies, we offer the opportunity for children to try dance through our workshops.  We aim to provide these workshops within a space at the hosting school such as the gym.  We do not want students to be left out due to lack of transportation. Participants are not required to have had experience and are not required to have any type of dance attire.  The participants will try different styles of dance including hip-hop, break dancing, ballet, jazz, funk and more! Our workshops are taught by South Dakota Ballet Founder, Madeleine Scott, and a highly skilled assistant.  (Read more about Madeleine HERE
In the future, we wish to create a scholarship program in which we can provide opportunities to promising students who participate in a South Dakota Ballet BEYOND.  We to help continue the cultivation of their passion for dance so that their experience does not stop at the end of our time together.  We wish to select gifted and committed children to be awarded a scholarship to a local studio after trying dance for the first time at one of our workshops. Please consider donating to this cause.

Support S.D.B. BEYOND

South Dakota Ballet is a nonprofit organization. We rely on individual contributions, grant funding, corporate sponsorship and foundational support to carry out our mission.  We can only work with what we have.

An outreach assembly and 4-day workshop costs us approximately $800 to provide with transportation, teaching wages, marketing materials for children to take home to, t-shirts for the children, electronic requirements for student registration and preparation time. 

Please consider contributing to this fantastic program so we can continue bringing joy to children across the state of South Dakota.

"Madeleine's inspiration and love of excellence in her craft is contagious! We thank her for giving back to her community and showing the kids that dreams can come true!"

Jane Carlson

Executive Director-Beresford Area Arts Council

Artistic Director, Madeleine Scott, helping an elementary student with their foot position.

Dancer, Leila Trigg, assisting elementary students in learning a step.

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SOUTH DAKOTA BALLET CO. is a nonprofit organization recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3)